Triathlon and Multisport Coaching across the North West


Our triathlon training days are a collection of sessions delivered on the same day, at David Lloyd - Manchester North (M24 4TH) with the focus of giving a taste of being race-prepared in a safe and comfortable environment.  

The training days are delivered at David Lloyd on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month and cost £10 (cash on the day) to attend.  The format of the day is:

-8:15-9:00: Triathlon-specific spin session; 

-9:00-9:45: Hard brick run and jog back;

-10:00-10:45: Structured swim in a heated outdoor pool;

-11:00-11:30: Strength and Conditioning session.

All abilities are welcome, as long as you can swim 4 lengths non-stop, and are fit and healthy.